Augmented Instruments

Our team has a rich experience in developing gestural interfaces to expand the sound field of acoustic music instruments.


The Sampo is an electronic device made for musicians to expand the sound field of an acoustic instrument.

It allows the soloist to access the signal processing parameters and control them in real time through simple gestures. The musician is thus completely autonomous and can play wherever they want : at home, in a concert hall, in a studio…

In addition to professional performers, numerous conservatories and music schools are currently using the Sampo for teaching.


The Modus is a digital and gestural modular interface to augment the sonorities of the pipe organ using integrated digital signal processing. It can be installed durably on a pipe organ without altering the original instrument. This permanent installation makes the solution directly accessible to musicians, without the need for a technical assistance team.

This project is supported by the French Ministry of Culture for the Innovative Digital Services program, and by the Centre National de la Musique through their support for innovation program.

Projet proposed by organist Jean-Christophe Revel. Realization in partnership with the association Amis des Orgues du Pays d’Auch and organ maker Jean Daldosso.

Custom interfaces

We realize customized interfaces upon request.

​Adjacent is the example of the Mechanical Instrument: a wooden expressive surface whose purpose is to pick up the vibrations produced by the performer with their fingers on different wooden plates and the diffusion of these vibrations in space, with or without audio processing.

An order from Ensemble Utopik based on the original idea of composer Arturo Gervasoni.

​For your specific projects, don’t hesitate to contact us.