Augmented perception

Digitization and automated collecting of data result in constantly growing quantities of information and represent a challenge for the observation and perception of the data.
To address this challenge, Alter Instruments develops customized solutions using data sonification.

Light spectra

The sonification of spectra consists in identifying the data of the spectrum using a spectrometer, and translating this data into an auditory form.

This process makes it possible to observe aurally the spectrum and in particular distinguish any changes that might occur, often invisible to the eye. The process can be applied to different light sources as well as plasma.

Experiences with light and plasma were conducted on the MISTRAL device in PIIM laboratory  of Aix-Marseille University

Temperatures of gases and liquids

The sonification of temperature data, measured in a liquid or a gas, makes auditory tridimensional observation of the thermal evolution possible by virtually “plunging” the observer in the observed object.

It becomes possible to feel the changes in temperature inside a physically inaccessible recipient.

The data can potentially be represented in space like in the adjacent Sound Aquarium project realized at the department of physical measurements at the IUT Bourges.

Other data

Sonification can be used in a great number of areas to analyze data, detect anomalies, or to lighten the visual burden of a scientist or an operator.

Some realizations by our team:

  • Identification of materials by diffraction
  • Aural representation of celestial bodies
  • Sound database of Mendeleev’s Table
  • Crystallography
  • Electroencephalography
  • Aural perception of DNA

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